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About Us

make shop

With make shop, your online presence is not just a website but a comprehensive, scalable platform that helps your business thrive in the digital age. We are more than just developers; we are your e-commerce partners, turning your visions into reality.

Company History


Andrey Vavilov

My name is Andrey Vavilov, and I am the Head of make shop, a studio specializing in the development of online stores on the CS-Cart platform. I also own online stores – LEDROID.ru and gauss.shop. I'd like to briefly share the story of our studio – how we started, how we evolved, and what we've achieved, explaining why our clients choose makeshop.pro for their store development.
The Studio Started in 2015
So, the studio was established in 2015, but its history began much earlier when a team of like-minded specialists came together. Initially, we didn't focus on website development; instead, we provided server administration services based on the Linux operating system.

We took on the development of various websites. However, many clients wanted their own websites but couldn't clearly answer the most crucial question – what's the purpose of the website?

In the end, this line of work provided us with valuable experience. However, server administration had limited prospects for the company's future growth. As a result, we found ourselves searching for a new direction.
A Turning Point
A turning point came when one of our clients asked us to develop an online store. After researching various options and evaluating their pros and cons, we decided to build it on the CS-Cart platform. The result delighted not only the client but also ourselves. Most importantly, this direction proved to be highly interesting and promising. The client was also pleased with the very reasonable cost.

Therefore, our team unanimously decided to focus exclusively on the development of online stores, as each project involved a clearly defined technical specification. As time has shown, the choice was the right one.
Certified CS-Cart Partners
In three years, we managed to become gold certified partners of CS-Cart. Since 2015, we have created a vast number of resources of varying complexity.

For many clients, we've helped optimize and enhance their existing websites, giving their businesses a new boost in development.

Our Company Today

Today, make shop is

a dynamic company specializing in developing cutting-edge solutions in e-commerce. We are dedicated to providing our clients with unique opportunities, leveraging our expertise in CS-Cart. Whether it's building robust online stores or complex marketplaces, our team excels in delivering tailored solutions.

But we don't limit ourselves to creating online stores alone. We believe in expanding possibilities. The make shop team also designs customizable modules to enhance website functionality, meeting our clients' specific needs. Our commitment to innovation drives us to continually improve and optimize the digital world of online shopping
Years of Experience
Developed Add-ons
Realised Projects
Development of Any Complexity
We develop solutions of various complexities to provide our clients with the necessary functionality.
Always at Your Service
We strive to respond to all your questions as quickly as possible and monitor the progress of assigned tasks.
We know All About Online Sales
We own two online stores ourselves, so we understand what an online storefront should look like to be convenient for the buyer and profitable for you.
Continuous Improvement
Our employees are already experts in their field, but trends change, and technologies evolve, so we are constantly learning something new.

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